WXDU Ogg Archive

The WXDU Ogg Archive is Tivo-like software that allows archiving of an arbitrary Ogg/Vorbis stream. The stream can then be recalled from any point in time contained in the archive. The interface to this is a cgi web form that allows the user to download the ogg data as a file.

One day Jason asked if this was something I could do. I said, "Yes." And then I did it.

Although the archive itself, for legal reasons, is available only to WXDU personnel, the software that makes it work is being made available here under the GNU General Public License in case you want to use it for your radio station. The software presented here was written to do what we needed it to do, no more and no less. You may find it a bit bare bones, as it was not designed with the general purpose user in mind. If there is enough demand, a version might be written in the future that addresses the needs (yet to be determined) of the general community.

Before you ask, I have no intention of extending this software to support any proprietary codec, including, but not limited to, MP3, Real Audio, or Windows Media. Ogg/Vorbis does what we need it to do and we like it fine. If you really need support for one of these formats, I am availabe for hire on a contract basis. You might want to check out my resume.

My email address is 'chris' at this domain.